Welcome to MSG - A core group of IAPEN

Welcome to MSG - Malnutrition Steering Group of IAPEN. 

Malnutrition is a state in which a deficiency, excess or imbalance of energy, protein and other nutrients causes measurable adverse effects on tissue/body form (body shape, size and composition), function or clinical outcome.

Although the term ‘malnutrition’ can encompass both overnutrition/obesity and undernutrition, for the remainder of this document the term is only used to mean undernutrition.

IAPEN quality group has developed toolkit for monitoring the nutrition status of children in case of schools or students in case of colleges and employees in case of organizations. Our toolkit is extremely simple and user friendly and will detect risk of malnutrition without any requirement of advanced equipments or expertise.

We offer all these services to organizations participating in "Partner Against Malnutrition" program of IAPEN.

Malnutrition is a complex & multidimensional problem with determinants beyond the health sector. Hence, there is a need to bring together experts from various sectors like health, food science and nutrition, general public, bureaucrats,  industrialists, politicians etc., on a single platform to fight against malnutrition.

This will catalyze promotion of inter-sectoral coordination, so as to arrive at comprehensive and sustainable strategies to address the problem of malnutrition. Despite constant interventions from both public and private sector to control malnutrition at community level, evidence points that there exists various challenges and bottlenecks, to decrease its prevalence and severity. It is the need of the hour to arrive at scientific and sustainable solutions to address the same.

The Malnutrition Steering Group (MSG) will concentrate on three major aspects.
1. Right to Food: The right to food, and its variations, is a human right protecting the right for people to feed themselves in dignity, implying that sufficient food is available, that people have the means to access it, and that it adequately meets the individuals dietary needs. The right to food protects the right of all human beings to be free from hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Malnutrition Steering Group will fight for Right to Food to all Indian Citizens with the help of NGOs.
2. Right to Nutrition Education : Malnutrition Steering Group strongly believes that Nutrition Educating in India is must. The NGOs, doctors and clinical nutritionists will be trained in several activities planned through out India for fighting against malnutrition in public as well as health care settings.
3. Right to Justice: The right to justice is a fundamental right of any human being.  If this is denied to any person, then thee is something seriously wrong with the system of justice.  The denial can be in form of inaccessible system – where the laws, rules and regulations are all there but there are barriers and obstacles all the way. Malnutrition Steering Group will make Justice accessible to those who are in need.